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2 Years 1 Month Old

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Ethel and her sister Lucy started life out pretty rough. They were found in a warehouse abandoned and fairly wild. They were brought to VOKRA, and with lots of love and attention they have slowly warmed to humans. Both girls adore food and treats, and if you bring those to them they will love you!

Ethel is still quite wary of humans, and takes time to warm up to you. However, she really does love getting pats and having play time, so having patience with her is well worth it. She has a loud purr, and adores playing ping pong with a little ball. Ethel relies on her sister a lot to see how to interact with humans, but has come such a long way. Together, they will make lovely companions to someone in a quiet home where they are the stars. Ethel will need a little more time and patience, but has such a sweet temperment. Together, Lucy and Ethel are a fantastic duo!

Must adopt with Lucy

Ethel (2018 Alumnus)'s adopted!

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