5 Months Old - Vancouver

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T'challa is a sleek, shiny little gentleman with a tiny white charm on his chest. He loves to jump into bed the second your alarm clock goes off in the morning to make sure he gets lots of pets to start his day off right. He then spends his days playing with his brother Nugget, chasing his own tail, or finding a little hidden spot to sleep in. When you arrive home, he'll wait for you in the same special spot and roll around and purr until he gets lots of love and attention.

T'challa has a cute little chatter when he wants to tell you about his day, or when he can’t find his brother (he must be the more responsible, big brother out of the two). He is a little shy with strangers or sudden loud noises, so would do great in a generally relaxed home. In a familiar environment he is sweet, affectionate and playful, and loves human interaction and affection. He loves to sleep in cat beds or anywhere near his brother. He and Nugget are very close, so it would be great if they could be adopted together.

Must adopt with Nugget or as a buddy to another cat

OK with older kids only

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