6 Years Old

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Mac is a super special little guy. We've fostered more kittens than we can count at this point, but this sweet little tux really stands out. He simply adores people; he loves to snuggle on your lap, kiss your fingers, rub his head against your cheek while you hold him, or wrap his paws around your neck for a cuddle. Although he's super affectionate he's not needy or clingy; he's a friendly, confident, outgoing little kitten. He has tons of energy and loves to play with his toys or chase and wrestle with our other cats, but once he tires himself out you'll hear a loud purr and feel a tap on your knees and Mac will be there waiting for a cuddle. He adores all of our other cats and after playing with them, he will often spend time grooming them (and getting groomed in return) before snuggling up with them to sleep. He's a little clown whose antics constantly make us laugh.

In addition to being happy and outgoing, Mac is also unusually empathetic. When one of his foster sibs had to go the vet and came back very dejected with a big cone, little Mac stuck by his side all evening long and nose-bumped Sage every time he gave a sad meow. When people are upset or ill, Mac is extra attentive and will give you extra face rubs to try and make you feel better.

If you come to meet Mac, check out his paws - he has a slightly different pattern on every one!

Mac is fastidious with the litter box, and very good about using a scratch post appropriately.

Mac is confident enough to do fine by himself, but he does love other cats so it would be great if he could be adopted with another VOKRA kitten or into a family with an existing cat.

McKinley's adopted!

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