12 Years Old - Vancouver (west side)

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Lainey is an unflappable cat who's unperturbed by guests or the vaccum cleaner. She reclines where she pleases, whether on a comfortable patch of floor, a bed, or the chair you're trying to sit on. She'll accept pets from her people and visitors alike, but if you really want to butter her up, give her a proper brushing (watch here). She prefers to receive affection while sitting next to you, rather than on your lap. Sometimes she'll request attention by waddling up to you and flopping down with a grumbly meow.

Lainey enjoys cuddling with her brother Luca, but tires quickly of his uncouth attempts at wrestling. Other interests include cat grass, string toys, and the scratching post. She has a thyroid condition that requires a daily pill, easily given with treats (watch here). Lainey and Luca are both gentle and delightful. They're sure to make a wonderful addition to your family.

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