12 Years Old - Vancouver (west side)

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Luca is a sweet, shy kitty who loves to cuddle under the covers with you on cool nights. He's always around to keep you company, until company comes over, and then he makes himself scarce for an hour or four. He's hungrier for attention than his sister Lainey, and will often come by if he sees her being pet or brushed. Treats also bring him running, and food is the quickest way to his heart (see videos of dinnertime here and playtime here). 

When Luca wants food or attention he might try a dainty little meow, or just poke your arm with his paw. When he's not napping with you, he's often napping on things, like your backpack or slippers, or his cardboard scratching post. Luca and his sister Lainey are two gentle cats- come and meet this delightful pair!

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