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5 Years Old

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Sherpa and his siblings are an incredibly sweet, well-behaved and friendly. From the moment we brought them home they just loved us, and they rush to every new person who comes to visit them. They have perfect litter box habits, eat well, love to play either with people or with each other, and are just very confident and happy little kittens. They are also very bright (they learned their names within 24 hours and come when called). They love to be picked up and held, and all five spend lots of time sleeping and cuddling on our laps.

Sherpa was the shyest of the kittens when he first arrived, which isn't really shy at all - he's just not quite as bold as his sibs. He's a super sweet guy who loves lap time and cuddles and never wants to be too far away from his people. He has the cutest face and it's impossible not to melt when he sits on your lap and looks up at you with such love in those big beautiful eyes. He's not very demanding but he's always nearby, waiting for you to notice him. He also has an unusual affinity for coffee and will try and drink it if you don't keep an eye on your cup!

Sherpa is a sociable kitten and should be adopted with one of her sibs or another VOKRA kitten.

Siblings include CODA, CAYOOSHSHERPA 

OK with other cats

Boogie (was Sherpa)'s adopted!

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