Pica (Thia...

5 Years Old

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Thia can always be approached by the children, more so than by adults. She is still super tiny, only 2/3 as big as her sister. She will be held and carried around and will settle after being tucked into a hoodie you are wearing, peaking only her head out to see what's going on. She likes to tuck herself into beds, drawers and other small cozy places. You never know where you will find her. She never uses her claws or teeth to get away from being held. She, like her sister rarely meows and will only express her concern with a startlingly loud and demanding meow if she can't locate her sister. She takes on her sister in play fights with zeal and never lets the size difference intimidate her. She knows the difference between cat and human and has never used her claws or teeth to get away from being held. She was the first one to learn how to use the scratching post and they have made a game of "tether-ball" with one of the hanging toys. When its time for eating, she will now come to my call.
 Sibling includes CARTIER


OK with dogs

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