5 Years Old

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Tip and Pip are delightful, funny, cute as cute can be, adorable, loveable, cuddling twin brother and sister kittens and they have bonded so closely that we simply cannot separate them. Unless they are side by side or you can see their tails it is really quite difficult to tell them apart. Tip is so named because his tail ends with a small white tip of fur. And Pip is so named just because... well you can guess why.

Since they are twins Tip and Pip like to dress alike. They have matching beautiful white fur jackets trimmed with white fringe. Yes their black and white colouring gives the appearance of them wearing little white jackets, and with the added fringe they look Country Western in design. Tip and Pip are really similar in nature too. They are cuddly, quiet, very playful, curious and really adventurous. I think that the two of them have the same bond that their mom and her twin calico sister (their aunt) have except that Pip is a bit of a suck. She's quick to whine or cry if she finds herself alone or if she doesn't get her own way.

One day when I was sitting in the living room I could hear the kittens crying and screaming as if in pain. I ran to the nursery only to find Tip fighting with Little Bertha over one of the nipples on her Auntie Sapphire. They were the only two kittens nursing at the time so there were another seven other nipples available! Plus there was her own mother Ruby which gave them another eight nipples! It was vicious plus with the squealing it was almost frightening. Then sister Pip started to nurse and the three of them were fighting. If that wasn't enough, a fourth one, Lady Bird snuck up in between Little Bertha, Tip and Pip. That is when it really got heated. Little Bertha who is 10 days older and therefore 10 days bigger in growth ended up on her back with the nipple still in her mouth and all four of her legs flailing. Hilarious doesn't even describe it. Then Lady Bird rolled off and fell from the pile of kittens so Tip was able to get back in the fight. This nipple fight happened over and over for a few weeks. The rivalry and the squealing was just unbelievable. I made a video on YouTube of this dinner time etiquette which you might enjoy. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_68Mw7Zdp8&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL-0hAIlw-TDI3Dv1j-Kga2d5kwKOtVyIL).

Tip and Pip are always together. They both love to be held together on your lap and of course love to be petted and Tip in particular likes to have his belly rubbed. They sleep together, play together and chase each other around the room. Whenever I enter the room I am sure to find the two of them curled up together on their bed or in the cat tree.

Both Tip and Pip are well trained in using the litter box and using the scratching post. These two irresistible little darlings can be yours and will be a wonderful and joyful addition to your family and will melt yours and the hearts of anyone who meets them.

Siblings include TIP, PIP, LADY BIRD and GRACY

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