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7 Years Old

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Terry and Trevor are two adorable brothers who both love attention of any kind! Both boys are boisterous, rambunctious, fun and loving. They both run up to me eagerly in the morning purring loudly and trying to climb up my pants in an effort to get me to pick them up and cuddle them. Both kittens have tiny squeaky meows, but boy do they know how to use them -they can be very vocal when they want to be! These two can never get enough attention and will welcome you when you have been gone 5 minutes as though you have been gone five hours – which is both an ego boost and very endearing! After they have had a chance to run off their kitten crazies, they love to be held and will fall asleep in your arms.

Both kittens, but especially Trevor, are defiantly escape artists to rival Houdini, they will manage – or at least try- to escape from every cage, carrier, locked door, closed window and more. I once walked into my kitchen and Trevor was hanging off the light fixture over the kitchen table chewing the cord! I have also seen Terry and Trevor both climb along, upside down, along the upholstery under my couch as well as try to walk along the shower rod after climbing the curtain. These two will try anything and really need, for their own safety and the safety of your stuff, to be closely watched unless they are in a fully kitten proof room – at least until they are older and less crazy!

Terry is a little calmer then Trevor, but they riel each other up. When restricted, Terry gives up after a reasonable period. Trevor is very stubborn and will struggle and protest vehemently – and loudly - if you try to make him do anything he doesn't want to do and he doesn't give up for a long time. An example of this would be getting locked in a room your not in. I think that the right home would find him spirited, independent and real personality – the wrong home would find him annoying!

Although Terry and Trevor definitely love each others company and would like to go to their new homes together, they would probably also be fine to go to separate homes. This is especially true if you have either mid to older age children, a friendly smaller dog or a friendly cat or two (or all of the above!) for them to play with. These guys could probably adapt to many different homes. They are a bit shy at first but will allow strangers to hold them without too much fuss or resistance. These guys will need lots of attention and play time regardless though, and I wouldn't consider them low maintenance cats. Please give TERRY and TREVOR the loving family for life that they want and deserve!

Trevor (2011)'s adopted!

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